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Boat rental

Something to celebrate and looking for a unique location? You can rent the boat exclusively for your own group!

An outing with the company? An anniversary or a birthday for the whole family and do you want to organize something special? Do you want to show your guests Rotterdam from its best side? Then you are in the right place! The ship serves as a tour boat, but also as a party ship for parties!

The ship can be rented exclusively for parties of up to 100 people and offers space in the salon and on the outside deck. We can follow the fixed course, but in consultation with the captain you can also sail your own course. Renting is possible outside of our fixed departure times and also ideal for a Sinterklaas celebration, Christmas outing, New Year’s reception, company party or club outing!

Different occasions and lots of options!
We offer various customized packages. You can, for example, rent the boat for a trip with a piece of cake, snacks, lunch or an extensive buffet. Consider for example an anniversary cruise, meeting, presentation, wedding, school excursion, congress or event.

Rental prices

1 hour till 50 persons          €    450,00
More than 50 persons        €        9,00 per extra person

1,5 hours till 50 persons     €    600,00
More than 50 persons        €       12,00 per extra person

2 hours till 50 persons        €    750,00
More than 50 persons        €       15,00 per extra person

2,5 hours till 50 persons     €    900,00
More than 50 persons        €       18,00 per extra person

3 hours till 50 persons        € 1.050,00
More than 50 persons        €       21,00 per extra person

3,5 hours till 50 persons     € 1.200,00
More than 50 persons        €       24,00 per extra person

4 hours till 50 persons        € 1.350,00
More than 50 persons        €       27,00 per extra person

Prices include 9% VAT.
Costs for another boarding point on request. 


1x coffee or tea with apple pie                  €   5,00 p.p.
1x coffee or tea with assorted pastries     €   6,00 p.p.
Ship lunch                                                 € 11,50 p.p.
Luxury ship lunch                                      € 14,50 p.p.
Dinner buffet                                             € 24,50 p.p.
Luxury dinner buffet                                  € 29,50 p.p.
Snacks and bites                                      €   4,50 p.p.
Luxury snacks and bites                           €   7,50 p.p.


The drinks can be calculated on the basis of the price list, but it is also possible to choose for a fixed price (Dutch bar).

Unlimited drinks 1 hour           € 10,00 p.p.
Unlimited drinks 1,5 hours      € 11,50 p.p.
Unlimited drinks 2 hours         € 13,00 p.p.
Unlimited drinks 2,5 hours      € 15,00 p.p.
Unlimited drinks 3 hours         € 17,50 p.p.
Unlimited drinks 3,5 hours      € 20,00 p.p.
Unlimited drinks 4 hours         € 22,50 p.p.

Feel free to ask us for all the possibilities. We are happy to make our years of experience in organizing events on board of ships available. We make a complete custom made program for your event.

More information?
Would you like mor information about renting the boat exclusively or request a customized quote?